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We created, in partnership with the Museums of Royal Regiment of Wales, to provide through the world wide web a lively and informative focal point for those interested in this famous action at Rorke's Drift and in the 1879 Anglo-Zulu war in general. Having started in a modest way, we have been overwhelmed by responses from all over the world. Our guestbook, which continues to grow, now contains many fine tributes to our small technical team who maintain the site.

We have always been against advertising on the site, even though it would generate income, and pay for the running costs, as we have always firmly believed that commercialisation of the web is killing the reasons it exists in the first place, ie: as a source of information and a route to contact people of a similar interest - We recently added the RRW shop, which allows people to buy product from the museum in Brecon, but due to the increasing number of visits, and bandwidth usage, we have now been prompted to add a secure donations page to the site in the hope that many of you may wish to show your appreciation in a more tangible way.

These donations, through the regimental museums, will enable us to continue to provide a high standard of service and to develop the site still further. Naturally, we shall continue to take notice of your valued comments and ideas in the guestbook when considering new features.

Thank you for your support!

Peter Critchley

Unfortunately, due to the fees involved in processing credit cards we are unable to process donations of less than £5.

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For further details on the Beneficiaries please contact:

South Wales Borderers & Monmouthshire Regimental Museum Trust
Registered UK Charity No 273858
The Barracks, Brecon, Powys, United Kingdom LD3 7EB

Welch Regiment Museum Trust
Registered UK Charity No 273195
The Black & Barbican Towers
Cardiff Castle, Cardiff, United Kingdom CF10 2RB